Britansko toksikološko društvo nam je posredovalo obvestilo o razpisu za mlade raziskovalce:  Lush Prize 2015. Prijavijo se lahko raziskovalci od koderkoli,  stari do 35 let, ki se ukvarjajo, oziroma želijo razvijati tesne metdoe, ki ne vključujejo živih živali. Razpis je odprt do 24. 6. 2015.


Dear Members

Lush Prize 2015- Young Researcher Awards

The Lush Prize is an annual event which rewards activities in five categories of science and campaigning with a total fund of £250,000. A sixth category, known as the 'Black Box' prize, may also award the full £250,000 in any one year for a key breakthrough in human toxicity pathways research.

One of the categories is the Young Researcher Award. This aims to encourage young scientists to develop a career in animal-free toxicology. Further details and information can be found on the website.

This category of Prize usually sees four or five researchers receiving £10,000-£12,500 each, as well as the prestige that comes from being a Lush Prize winner and presenting their work at the annual conference. Last year’s winners can be seen here.

Nominations are now open. Please feel free to encourage your students and colleagues to participate, seek further information or make nominations via the website.

Nominations close on 24 July 2015