The value of acute toxicity testing of pharmaceuticals for estimation of human response


Acute oral LD50 of rats have poor correlation with the METD, and cannot be used as a classification criteria. ► Substances with very low therapeutic doses are not identified with the use of oral LD50. ► We propose that the acute toxicity based on rat LD50 dose is not used as a basis for classification of pharmaceuticals.



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Job title Senior Policy Analyst - Hazard Assessment of Chemicals

OECD is looking for a Senior Policy Analyst to support the work programme of the Environment, Health and Safety Division of the Environment Directorate. The objective of the position is to manage the work related to hazard assessment of industrial chemicals. The person will lead a team of four to five professionals in hazard assessment of chemicals


You are invited to the 4th Croatian Congress of Toxicology at Primošten, Coratia, from 2nd to 5th October 2012. More information at

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