International Toxicology of Mixtures Conference 2011, will provide a dedicated platform to the discussion and debate of current evidence - based approaches to assessing the risk of mixtures.
Topic List
Identification and prioritization of risk of individual chemical constituents
Clustering constituents chemicals by mode of action
Prediction of constituent chemical interactions and non-additive toxicities
Computing biological risk equivalents
Integrating aggregate risk

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Full-time Master of Science (MSc) degree course in toxicology organised by the Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT).

The course will be offered by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Basel and will start in September 2011. It consists of two semesters of lectures, seminars and practical courses followed by two semesters of project research for the master thesis.

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Human nutrition, the gut microbiome and the immune system

Food is more then just nutrition. It affects our health in many ways and it is largely responsible for how we feel and live. In this article important aspects about food and nutrition are discussed.
Andrew L. Kau, Philip P. Ahern, Nicholas W. Griffin, Andrew L. Goodman & Jeffrey I. Gordon
Nature 474, 327–336 (16 June 2011) doi:10.1038/nature10213
Marked changes in socio-economic status, cultural traditions, population growth and agriculture are affecting diets worldwide. Understanding how our diet and nutritional status influence the composition and dynamic operations of our gut microbial communities, and the innate and adaptive arms of our immune system, represents an area of scientific need, opportunity and challenge. The insights gleaned should help to address several pressing global health problems.


Procter and Gamble is looking for a HUMAN SAFETY EXPERT (m/f)

For our Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs (PS&RA) group in Brussels, we are looking for a human safety expert (m/f) with a strong interest in human toxicology and in regulatory affairs.

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Priporočeni članek: Uživanje hrane bogate z mašččobami lahko hitro poškoduje celice, ki regulirajo telesno težo. V raziskavi je bilo ugotovljeno, da količina maščob, ki je tipična za ameriški obrok, povzroči vnetje hipotalamusa, področja v možganih, ki med drugim regulia tudi telesno težo.  Več na

Recommended article: Obesity among people who eat a high-fat diet may involve injury to neurons in a hipothalamus, part of the brain that controls body weight, according to the authors of a new animal study. More at

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